Senior citizen massage has some different with normal massage. This is because an aging body requires a little extra tender loving care. First of all, an elderly body must be positioned carefully and properly on a massage table. Normally, seniors massage will not take longer than 30 minutes, because longer session may be too much for an aged person.

As we grow older, our skin will lose the nice layer of fat that lies right under skin, which is use to protect us from bumps and bruises, thus, our skin will become more fragile. Rubbing or pulling on the skin can cause skin tears. Therefore, massage for senior citizen better apply with essential oils.


While doing massage for elderly, have to aware of several conditions. Massage cannot be given to elderly patients with the following circumstances:

  Certain kinds of cancer
  Broken bones or body areas that is reddened, swollen or injured
  Open or unhealed bed sores
  Drug treatment with blood
  Severe acute pain
  Varicose veins
  Recent surgery


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